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Piggin' Perfect Hog Roasts
The Gourmet Event
that’s Piggin’ Perfect!

And just perfect for that once­-in-a-lifetime wedding reception, special birthday, or just simply celebrating a special occasion...
You name it – we cater for it. Including the hog roast machine, the hog, the chef – even the stuffing and apple sauce! All you need to supply is of course, the guests. Visit the Piggin' Perfect website
It really is that easy, and so much more convenient
  • Catering for between 50 – 300 Diners
  • Mouth-watering crackling, as never before
  • Succulent pork, roasted to perfection
  • No stress, no problems
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
Piggin' Perfect Crackling
Piggin' Perfect Spit Roast
Piggin' Perfect Hog Roaster
Piggin' Perfect Barbecue